Freedom of Flex Time: More Activities Are Added To Free Time

Each day there is a 25 minute flex time built into the schedule.

During Flex, students who do not have to go to mandatory tutorials can participate in activities in the classroom, gym, and library to give them some entertainment during the school day. Students aren’t allowed outdoors.

“Usually during flex I go to the east gym,” Officer Adan Gutierrez said. “I open the gym so students can play basketball. If I don’t have the gym open I walk the halls in the east and talk to the kids, see what they are doing.”

Once Gutierrez gets a routine he wants to do more activities in the gym. Gutierrez wants to get girls and guys to go into the gym during flex to participate in different activities. The added activities will be whatever the students want to participate in.

“If anyone has ideas of what to do, that would be nice,” Gutierrez said. “I can supervise it even if it is not in the gym. Not everybody wants to go to the gym and play basketball. I want to see what the students would like to do during flex.”

“…I want to see what the students would like to do during flex.””

— Officer Adan Gutierrez

On Wednesdays, English teacher Tina Bausinger has what she calls Karaoke Wednesday. In Bausinger’s classroom students gather to dance and sing during their free time.

“Kids pick their songs,” Bausinger said. “I have a karaoke machine we use and we have snacks. We are all equally bad singers and you just have to own it like Lady Gaga. Usually, we have 20-30 students because not many people know about it; we aren’t an official club but we have fun.”

Among clubs, there is also The Helping Hands store that sells snacks like popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels and is open Tuesday through Thursday during flex.

“During flex, I just hang out with my friends,” sophomore Cheyenne Kiser said. “We usually just walk around and do whatever we want really. We go in the library a lot, we just sit there and talk about random things.”