Construction Updates Across Randall


As construction continues on nearly every corner of the campus, changes are beginning to move forward much quicker. With this new progress comes a few changes to our everyday norms. Below is an update on the timing and planning going on with each construction project at Randall:

New East Addition of Classrooms:  

Construction is on schedule to be completed this fall.  This area of East is a Tornado shelter as well in which each classroom has metal shutters in them along with a concrete roof.

New East Gym:

The new east gym is expected to be opened up in the next month.  By the time basketball season rolls around, the administration hopes to have the foyer and gym opened up for sub-varsity games.

New West Gym:

The gym is expected to open in the early spring semester of 2021.  The foyer for this gym and area is going to be another entrance for our fine arts events and games.

New Parking Lot Between Buildings:

The construction has started on the new Fire/Bus Lane and Parking Lot between the East and West with a completion expectation of this fall.

New West Turf Football Field and Track:

The new turf football field and the track will be ready for our spring sports with a completion date of January.  This is the huge amount of dirt work on the corner of Bell and the Loop Raiders see when coming to campus.

New Academic/Office/Fieldhouse Area:

April 9th of 2021 is the expected completion. The turf room beams are going up now.

East Golf Hitting Room/Turf Room:

This area is currently under timeline considerations for when the district will proceed with construction.  The golf hitting area is being turned into a corridor to the new gym and a training room.

The current turf room is being turned into a junior high weight room and two classrooms.

Band Hall/Black Box Theater:

Both are expected to completed in the next two weeks and turned over to RHS.  However, with us gaining those, we are losing the current Choir Room and Current Band Hall and they will be major renovations taking place beginning this month to that area.  This means we will have an additional construction entrance to the south side of the west building for workers to enter.  The choir will temporarily be placed in the black box theater.

West Back Gym and Locker Areas:

In February, we will lose the West Back gym and locker areas as the renovation begin to create the new Wrestling area, Cheer locker rooms (they are getting their own :), PE locker rooms, and Volleyball Locker Rooms (They are also getting their own locker room where 601 West currently exists.


The current TLC classroom area and current office areas in the West will be moving out before April 9th.  April 9th, these areas will be under construction for remodeling.


Interior Renovations to Randall West, wood shop, the current field house and CTE Center.