Raider Blood Drive Helps Build Local Supply


Matthew Kidder

Students and staff prepare to get their blood drawn during Randall’s Blood Drive, sponsored by Key Club.

One by one, students and staff walked to the commons knowing that what they were about to do might bring discomfort. It might be painful even.

But, it would be for the betterment of the community, and if it could save a life, it would definitely be worth it.

Last week, Raiders participated in the Randall Blood Drive which helped build the local supply at Coffee Memorial Blood Center.

According to the blood bank’s website, every two seconds someone is in need of blood, a product that has no substitute and must be donated from volunteers. Blood collected from drives, such as the one held at Randall, is used as a result of traumatic injuries, surgeries and treatment for cancer or other chronic illnesses. It is possible that one donation could save three lives.

“Key Club hosts the drive (which is held at Randall) once each semester,” Key Club Sponsor and English Teacher Callie Shipley said. “This drive helps ensure that we have a supply of blood available for medical needs in the community. We appreciate the students who donate so much. Their selflessness is saving lives.”