Boys’ Wrestling Regional Results

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Boys’ Wrestling Regional Results

Maci Weathers, Staff Writer

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The Randall wrestling team finished regionals in second place being Dumas. However, a handful of wrestlers earned first place individually. The wrestling team competed against El Paso high schools, Dumas, Forth Worth High schools and Lubbock High schools from the region. Individually wrestlers earned wins, however they still ended up only in second place.

  •  Savien Rodriguez (12-18) place is unknown and scored 3.0 team points.
  • Ezekiel Ramirez (25-6) placed 3rd and scored 20.0 team points.
  • Andres Mendoza (33-7) placed 2nd and scored 23.0 team points.
  • Johnathon Ortegon (44-4) placed 1st and scored 26.0 team points.
  • Steven Rodriguez (27-12) placed 2nd and scored 21.5 team points.
  • Patrick Perea (26-13) placed 2nd and scored 19.0 team points.
  • Jared Gallegos (35-7) placed 1st and scored 28.0 team points.
  • Moses Torres (34-12) placed 2nd and scored 23.5 team points.
  • Jaydn Heaton (29-8) placed 2nd and scored 23.5 team point
  • Branson Britten (33-8) placed 1st and scored 30.0 team points.
  • Gavin O`Brien (25-4) placed 1st and scored 25.5 team points.
  • Xavier Norton (13-11) place is unknown and scored 0.0 team points.
  • Anthony Tobias (28-18) placed 5th and scored 14.0 team points.