Dani Salazar, Freshman


Freshman Dani Salazar has played volleyball since the third grade and absolutely loves it because of the atmosphere and people. Salazar played Kids Inc. for six years and Xtreme Club for three. She plays libero, which she said she loves, because “the first pass is almost guaranteed to be hers.” She also appreciates the girls on her teams and describes them as being “like sisters to her.” Through volleyball, Salazar said she has built lifelong friendships with her teammates who she stays in touch with even after the season ends.

“I love the atmosphere of being a volleyball player,” Salazar said. “It’s intense but fun at the same time.”

While getting a college scholarship to play is her ultimate goal, Salazar said she is also enjoying the little moments along the way such as doing warm ups and her favorite workout move, called burpee.

“The funniest thing that happens in practice is when we have to do ‘I’m a star’,” Salazar said. “‘I’m a star’ is when you jump as high as you can and yell as loud as you can “I’m a star!”