Behind the Athletes: The Team That Supports Them

Behind the athletes is a team that assists them. Whether it is the athletic trainers providing aid, the cheerleaders cheering them on, or the band and student section hyping the players up, these supporters are a part of every Raider win. 

“As an athlete (this team) is important,” athlete junior Jaycie Day said. “It encourages us and keeps us motivated. Often times, it distracts the other team and helps us speed up when we are down.”

For many fans, attending the games is about showing school spirit and exhibiting support for the athletes.

“I love being with my friends and cheering on our Raiders,” senior Avery Henry said. “My favorite part is when the drumline comes over; I love the rush it gives me.”

Along with the students and fans, the athletic trainers are a small but mighty part of the game. Athletic trainers are responsible for treating and preventing injuries, as well as providing encouragement throughout the game.

“I like being with the team and keeping them healthy,” athletic trainer junior Sophie Millsap said.