Soccer Player Jessica Avila Reunites with the Game


Lauren Tice, Staff Writer

Senior Jessica Avila is involved in close to a dozen activities both in and outside of the classroom. Each activity is color coated in her calendar as she makes sure each of her interests are equally contributed to.

Other than making silly videos for her peers to enjoy, she likes to spend her time learning to play new instruments, photography, and anything having to do with science and club/school soccer.

“I am very proud to finish up my club soccer career,” Avila said. “I will finish in first place in Lake Highlands which is the highest league in Dallas.”

Last year was Avila’s first year back on the soccer field due to a severe concussion her freshmen year. After her first year back, she received the 2018 Offensive Player of the Year and 2018 2nd Team All-District Forward.  

“I am most proud of overcoming my concussion because school became very rough,” Avila said. “I could not remember a single thing that was taught that day in class.”

Her recovery took two and a half years as she visited the neurologist and physical therapist countless times. Avila said she was eager to step back on the field after being gone for so long.

“I learned how to be patient with the help on my family, church family and doctors,” Avila said. “I was determined to get back on the field after many people told me it wasn’t a good idea, or that I couldn’t do it.

As this year’s soccer season has already begun, she said she is most excited about being around all of her teammates as well having team dinners and tournaments before their district starts. 

“The people are what makes it worth it in the end,” Avila said. “They’re so fun to be around and there is never a dull moment with any of them.”