Q&A: High School Drama, How to Fix It

There are a lot of words that are associated with “high school.” With more than 1700 teenagers on campus, the word “drama” is likely to be high on the list.

When you find yourself unjustly at the center of drama, what do you want from the other person? What could fix the relationship?

“I want communication, for them to stay calm and to never just walk away.” – Sam Stewart
“Just act like you’re in high school. It probably wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t act like they were two  years old.”- Brooke Alvarado
“Don’t act petty and act like you’re better than me. Come up to me and tell me what happened. Most likely I will forgive you.”-  Alana Hogan
“I want them to realize that what they did wasn’t the right thing to do.” – Charles Nichols Squyres
“If you can’t trust the person for one day then you can’t trust them for long periods of time. One thing they can do to fix it is to stop and fix them self first before they try to fix the relationship.”- Gisi Talavera
“I want them to be honest, own up to their mistakes, and take responsibility for their actions.”- Carson Buse