Siblings Bradley, Ainsley and Bailey Velasquez


Ken Rada in Florida

Bradley Velasquez 12, Ainsley Velasquez 11, Bailey Velasquez 9

“Bradley and I have gone to school together for the last two years, but it is different having Bailey here now because he seems so much older,” junior Ainsley Velasquez said. “I thought it would be a bigger deal having my brothers at school with me because it is our last year all being in school, but it hasn’t felt any different.”

Senior Bradley Velasquez said it doesn’t bother him to have his siblings on campus because they don’t bother him or try to embarrass him.

“They keep their distance,” Bradley said. “I don’t see Ainsley much and if I see Bailey he is normally asking for a ride or where a class might be.”

Freshman Bailey Velasquez said he has enjoyed having his upper-class siblings on campus.

“(My siblings) include me and tell me some things they wish they knew as a freshman,” Bailey said. “Another thing I like is having siblings who can drive so I don’t have to wait for my parents to come to pick me up. Being a freshman is scary, but having siblings and their friends makes it easier.”