India King, Senior

India King is a senior that loves to draw. She draws off her feelings and how she sees the world around her. “The world around can depend on how you see the world. Just like our scars can remind us that the past is real. We have to take the world from a different perspective.” She draws in her sketchbook or just on a simple lined paper and can draw realistically, or even in a form of anime style. Her inspiration comes from reading poems like Edgar Allen Poe, or novels like Hannibal. She likes to draw how she sees things like wh a squirrel with the skeleton rising out of the squirrel’s body. The emotions in her drawings are also shown as well with different ones resembling how she feels sadness, anger, repression, and even happiness. “I can’t normally talk to people, so it isn’t natural for me to agree to such an interview. I vent to my drawings. Drawings are like a poem. They have multiple definitions.”