Jadyn Furman, Freshman


Jadyn Furman is a Randall High School cheerleader. She has done competitive cheer since she was young. Cheer has always been a huge part of her life and has kept her going for nine years and counting.

“Cheer has kept me going and I love the sport itself,” Furman said. “I would not be anywhere without these amazing people by my side.”

She is currently on two teams at Cheer Texas, Slate and Platinum. Furman has been at Cheer Texas since she was six and began competing at the age of seven on a level 1.2 mini-team. She has grown through the years up to a level 5 team, Platinum. She has been on Platinum for two years. After gaining success on the team, she then moved up to Eclipse the next year and is now with Platinum.