Meet Junior Alannah Comerford, Yearbook Editor


Alayna Mayo

Junior Alannah Comerford is the Editor-In-Chief of this year’s yearbook.

For junior Alannah Comerford, leading a staff of about thirty students can be difficult at times, but it’s nothing she can’t handle.

“I’m not gonna lie, this job is really tough,” Alannah said. “It’s a lot of work, especially with so many staff members depending on me to be the leader. But as much as it is work, it’s also a reward.”

As the first round of deadlines for yearbook submission approaches, Alannah buckles down and really takes charge as the Editor-in-Chief.

Alannah has been involved in the journalism program since her freshman year, contributing to the yearbook for a total of three years now. 

“I started out as a junior staff member and then became an official part of the yearbook staff my sophomore year.”

The role of Editor-in-Chief is typically filled by a senior student in charge of every staff member and each member’s work in any journalism production.

“Part of my job is to offer guidance to the newer staff members,” Alannah said. “This may be the most important part of my job, because being able to work seamlessly and as a team is the only way that we can be successful. The other, and probably more obvious part of my job, is the editing. I make sure that every page is meticulously proof-read and looks as good as possible.”

Traditionally, the Editor-in-Chief position is filled by a senior, since they would typically have the most experience. However, Alannah is only in her junior year and has taken on the responsibility a senior would normally shoulder along with other editors. 

“All of the previous editors graduated after my sophomore year,” Alannah said. “I am now the one and only editor as a junior.”

Some of the tasks asked of her are a difficult burden to bear alone.

“My least favorite part is the social interaction that yearbook requires,” Alannah said. “I’m a bit awkward, and going up to people to ask questions or get a picture of them is a bit too much for me sometimes.”

Still, as a whole, Alannah enjoys yearbook and the company of the staffers that she teaches.

“As cliche as this sounds, my favorite part [of yearbook] is the people,” Alannah said. “I never knew how much fun I would have and how close I would get with the staff members this year. They are all amazing people, and we really do have a good time.”