Juan Cruz-Lozano, Junior

Junior, Juan Cruz-Lozano is very fond of his friend group and loves spending time with them.


“I would rather die than have drama in the group,” junior Juan Cruz said. “There is a difference between drama and problems. When there are problems, we can work through them. When there is drama, we don’t talk to the one causing it anymore. If they realize they’re causing drama, then we will talk to them to see if we can help them be better.”

Cruz said his friends are his main priority, and that is why he is always trying to comfort them and create a safe space within their friend group. He fears that without him, they would think of each other poorly or block each other out.

“There is no problem in this group that can’t be dealt with,” Cruz said.

Cruz sees himself as the glue of the group, and this is something his friend, John Guillen Hawk agrees with.

“Cruz is the only guy in the group that knows what we’re all going through,” Hawk said. “No matter the problem, he has our backs.”

Cruz, who pointed out that there is always a lot more to people than what’s on the outside, said he doesn’t try to get to know someone simply by their actions, but he also takes the responsibility to get to know them for who they really are.