Kanyn Hise, Freshman

Lilly Higdon, Senior Staff Writer

Freshman Kanyn Hise said he is ready to help win some football games for Randall and show what he’s about.  Hise, who has played football since he was in third grade, said he loves football because he can hit people and get anger out on the field. Hise said he enjoys the traveling aspect of playing with a high school team too, and is excited to experience more than what he did in junior high.

Kanyn agrees that football is more than just a sport and brings people closer together and teaches valuable lessons- lessons that can transfer into all areas of life. One of these lessons is one that Kanyn said he tries to live by.

“Never stop until you succeed, even when you succeed never stop trying,” Kanyn said.

Kanyn said football has already pushed him to be a better person and he’s excited about the upcoming four years in the program where he will get more training and practice and face the challenges that come along with the sport of football.