Rylee Hoelting, Freshman


Freshman Rylee Hoelting is on the junior varsity cheerleading squad. The funny thing is, she has never cheered before. Hoelting was able to make the team because of her hard work and determination to chase after the things she wants. She ran track in seventh and eighth grade, but in those year’s she didn’t show much of a interest in cheerleading. That is, until she had a change in heart.

“I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone,” Hoelting said.

Hoelting said cheer has not only helped her push herself in her athletic qualities, but also in her social ones.

“I have always been a pretty shy person but cheer has helped me come out of my shell,” Hoelting said.

Through all of her uncomfortable feelings, she did what she does best- persevered. Because of her preservice, Hoelting has gained brand new friends along with a new sport she is learning to fall in love with. She truly is a example of where hard work and dedication can get you.