Turning the Page


Natasa Dobras, Staff Writer

There are only a few more months left of my junior year, and as much as I’ve tried hiding the college letters behind the books in my book case, I can’t avoid the inevitable; college.

From my very first year in school, I was always expecting to go to college right after I graduate from high school. It became more obvious to me once I started high school. As a freshman, I still wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to study in college, but I always pushed the thought aside because “I still have time to decide.” Now as a junior, I still have no idea.

The idea of going to college being undecided used to stress me out, but now I’m not so scared considering an average of 20 to 50 percent of students go to college undecided. Not only that, 75 percent of students will change their major before graduating.

Besides deciding on a major, you also have to decide where you want to go to college. It is fortunate to be surrounded by some local colleges, but for me, local has never been an option. I want to go out of state for college, or at least out of my general location. I feel I can grow more independent if I am far away from my parents, and I can develop as a mature adult.

Another concern I deal with is the tuition fee. Everyone knows college is very expensive, and we are just now facing the issue of paying for it. Of course there ares scholarships of all kind, but unless students are given a full ride, they will end up having to find another way to pay for college. Student loans are another option, but the downside is after graduation you will have to pay them off for a number of years. As well as many other college students, I will be planning on maintaining a job while I am attending college to help pay for a small part of the fees.

As the beginning of senior year approaches, the most important thing to realize is this is the end of our childhood as we know it. Soon, we will be off living on our own and attending colleges as adults. The thought is scary, intimidating, and the most stressful aspect of my life right now. However, this must be viewed in a positive light. We are ending one chapter of our life, and starting a new one.