Donations Needed; Raiders Help the Homeless


Lauren Tice, Staff Writer

Bright colored boxes labeled “soap,” “towels” and “shampoo” line the hallway outside 502w. The half full boxes, are CTE and Career Prep teacher Jodi Hooten’s effort to gather donations of hygiene products for The Guyon Saunders Resource Center.

Hooten asks that Randall students and staff purchase or bring new hygiene products to donate to the cause by Sept. 28. The Guymon Saunders Resource Center is one of the only centers in the Panhandle that provides showers and laundry services for the homeless and according to Hooten, they are in desperate need of hygiene items.

¨Some products the center is in need of are mini soap bars, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, feminine products, laundry soap, any cleaning supplies like bleach or Pine Sol, and even towels and wash clothes,” Hooten said.

According to the center, the homeless population in Amarillo is already quite large and growing, Currently, the Guyon Saunders Resource Center services up to 150 homeless people per day.

“These people need a place to shower and for some this center serves as their only day home and laundry services,” Hooten said. “I have at least one student that has used this resource as well as another who has family that has used it too.”

Hooten said she has collected over 600 items that will be donated, with a goal of 8,000 based off if every student and staff member donated something.

“I think it is vitally important that our students and staff realize how fortunate they are to not be in these circumstances,” Hooten said. “When have you wondered when your next shower will be? The  Guyon Saunders Resource Center is doing the work we should all be doing.”