Seniors’ Thoughts on Interview Week


Abbie Schwartz

Senior Kaitlin Judd

Lauren Tice, Staff Writer

The class of 2019 are set to jump into opportunities after they walk the stage in May.

Recently, seniors went through the interview process with someone that worked in their career field of interest. Students were encouraged to treat the interview as if they were really applying for that position.

“Interview week was an opportunity for each senior to interview with professionals from the community,” Singleton said. “Seniors will graduate from Randall with more of a competitive edge when going into the work place than from any other school.”

Participation in the interview process was required, and the interviews took place during the school day.

“I believe the interview process was effective as a whole,” senior Faith Covey said. “It gave students the opportunity to be more comfortable with future job interviews.”

The administration encouraged students to dress professionally, show up at least 10 minutes early and have an updated copy of their resume ready before their interview time. The week before interview week, teachers went over how to have the best interview.

“I have interviewed for an internship before and it was very similar to the interview I did through the school,” Covey said. “Both seemed to ask questions about who I am as a person and what my future plans are.”

Interviewers asked students asked the typical interview questions like who they were as a person, what their interests were and why they should hire you.

“The lady I interviewed with brought actual interview sheets she uses at Pantex along with the questions the school provided,” senior Abbie Schwartz said. “She was very helpful as she told me what I excelled in throughout the interview and things that needed more work.”

Students did not get to pick who they wanted to interview with, but the counselors did their best to pair up each student with someone who was in their career field.

“I believe the interview process was good and effective,” Covey said. “As we all will be entering the workforce soon and will be having many interviews in the future.”