Episode 1: ‘The Raider Take’ Podcast Takes Off, More Changes Underway

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Randall's new student podcast, "The Raider Take" focuses on the topics of life and high school.

Caleb Kreutzer, Staff Writer

Plans to transform Randall’s newspaper and broadcast class started last year.

After years of being offered as two separate classes taught by two different teachers, this year, the two classes have merged creating an all-new Silver Streak Media team. The merge is bringing a lot of change.

This week, the team unveiled a new podcast, called “The Raider Take,” where Raiders discuss life and high school. Each episode, which will air weekly, will range from 10 to 25 minutes in length and aims to entertain the student body with pop culture topics. The podcast is recorded from a new recording studio in the west building, and will be available on the Silver Streak Online Newspaper and Podbean.

In addition to the new podcast, the Silver Streak has also undertaken the overhaul of KRAD, which was the student-led video announcements in the past.

“We wanted to do something a little more exciting than traditional style video announcements so we replaced KRAD,” Silver Streak adviser Amy Neese said. “Now, the media team is getting real-world production experience running cameras, switch boards and doing student reporting during games at Kimbrough Stadium. We are also making video packages of game highlights, student interviews, and more. Our goal with the change is to cover student interest topics that have a lot more student interaction.”

In addition to the podcast sites, the media team’s work will appear on the Silver Streak Online Newspaper, Scholastic TV Network and at Kimbrough Stadium. The media team will also compete in writing and film competitions throughout the year, and the Silver Streak will become the main hub for all content. ┬áSenior Rebekah Williams is the media team’s student editor-in-chief.

“It’s exciting to have everyone working together as one team,” Williams said. “We’ve been trying for years to get our news and entertainment to the students and it’s really nice to finally get students involved as well. Adding in the film and podcast aspect to Silver Streak Online will definitely bring in new viewership.”

Listen to the first episode of “The Raider Take” here: