Super Team Works To Shape Young Lives

courtesy photo

A group of high school students walk in to Sundown Lane, City View and Gene How Elementary schools. The little children look up as the older students walk past them, literally and figuratively. To them, these bigger, older, wiser students are role models. To them, what these older students have to say is important.

Randall’s Super Team is a leadership group that visits CISD elementary schools to work as mentors to younger children. Members of Super Team are given one class period every day of the week to visit their assigned students; they are given one student per grade who may have trouble with certain learning skills, bad behavior, may have problems at home or just need some extra one on one help with school.

“I love kids and being in an environment with children,” senior Madeline Ketels said. “Being able to put a smile on those little kids’ faces really warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.”

Ketels said she signed up for Super Team because the opportunity to be around kids and help them in their day to day life excites her. She said she hopes to make a large impact on these children now, or even in the future.

“I like bringing joy to children and getting to help them,” senior Alesha Womack said. “I have a passion for teaching little kids. The most exciting part for me is going back to elementary school and being able to experience what it’s like now.”

Womack said she really enjoys being around children and she hopes that one day her Super Team experience will help her in the adult world whether it is with her own children or if she goes into a career that deals with children. She plans to go into a career that involves working with children such as teaching.

“Super Team is gonna be something I learn from,” junior Jeremiah Vidaurri said. “I’ve been looking forward to Super Team since I signed up. I love being around kids, kids bring me a different type of happiness. I know a lot of kids go through rough times while growing up and if’s possible I want to be a kids support system.”

Vidaurri said the happiness of children is really important to him. He said seeing the excitement on kids’ faces really changes his day. He’s hoping that he can make a change in the children that he is helping.

“Super team is a life changing experience and I’m lucky I have been given this opportunity,” Vidaurri said.