Academic UIL Team Wins District


Amy Neese

Members of the journalism team, Jenna Miller, Alayna Mayo, Kolby Marting, Ainsley Osborne, Adrianna Ybarra and Ema Divanefendic, gather after the District UIL meet.

The Academic team won Friday’s UIL’s district meet at WTAMU, earning more than 220  points over second place Tascosa. Raiders claimed 32 of the possible 69 tickets to regionals and placed 14 alternates. Those who qualified will compete at the regional meet at Texas Tech April 23. At regionals, students who place in the top 3 in each event will advance to the state tournament in Austin in May.


1st Place Team- Advances

Grayson Thompson, 1st- Advances

Sufyaan Solomons, 2nd- Advances

Calculator Applications:

Megan Brue, 2nd- Advances

Current Issues: 

2nd Place Team- Alternate

Karley Thomas, 3rd- Advances

Brilon Lichtie, 4th- 1st Alternate

Social Studies:

1st Place Team- Advances

Brooke Newson, 1st- Advances

Andrew Vigil, 6th

Computer Science:

1st Place Team- Advances

Megan Brue, 1st- Advances

Hayden Hoppe, 2nd- Advances

Alex Lancaster, 3rd- Advances

Hudson Cox, 4th- 1st Alternate


1st Place Team- Advances

Dax Betzen, 1st- Advances

Destiny Aguinaldo, 2nd- Advances

Emma Borron, 3rd- Advances

Computer Applications:

Evan Blankenship, 3rd- Advances

Keyan Baggett, 5th

Kirstyn Dubois, 6th


1st Place Team- Advance Individually

Copy Editing:

Alannah Comerford, 1st- Advances

Kolby Marting, 5th

News Writing:

Alayna Mayo, 1st- Advances

Ainsley Osborne, 3rd- Advances

Joselyn Chavez, 5th

Feature Writing:

Ainsley Osborne, 2nd- Advances

Alayna Mayo, 4th- 1st Alternate

Editorial Writing:

Alayna Mayo, 2nd- Advances

Ema Divanefendic, 5th

Headline Writing:

Alayna Mayo, 3rd- Advances

Kolby Marting, 5th

Literary Criticism:

First Place Team- Advances

Brooke Newson, 1st- Advances

Jennifer Srygley, 2nd- Advances

Number Sense:

Megan Brue, 6th


1st Place Team- Advance Individually

Persuasive Speaking:

Luke Brown, 1st- Advances

Xan Argo, 2nd- Advances

Renae Phelps, 5th

Informative Speaking:

James Amundgaard, 1st- Advances

Daniel Augurg, 3rd- Advances

Lloyd Tria, 6th

Prose Interpretation:

Brionna Todd, 1st- Advances

Emma Adams, 2nd- Advances

Sydney Tatum, 3rd- Advances

Poetry Interpretation:

Avery Stout, 1st- Advances

Zaylee Carson, 2nd- Advances

Caren Guajardo, 3rd- Advances

Cross Examination Debate:

Xan Argo & Luke Essick, 3rd- 1st Alternate

Daniel Auburg & Luke Brown, 4nd

Zachary Hardesty & Angel Lucero, 6th

Hunter Lee, 1st- Advances

James Amundgaard, 2nd- Advances

Lloyd Tria, 6th