All about RHS Robotics


February, 2022 Robotics Meet

Beginning early 2021, the Robotics Club has endured two seasons and is beginning its third. Via FIRST Tech Challenge, Robotics competes with other members/teams of FTC who build robots according to a new game, laid out every year, created by FIRST. Each game pushes robots to complete certain tasks in order to score points. The tasks are centered around coding and engineering challenges. For example, a robot must be able to pick up a disc and launch it through a ring, or it may have to pick up a cone and deposit it on an upright pole. These tasks bring forward coding and engineering principles that FIRST deems necessary for future world-changing engineers and coders to learn.

Learning isn’t the only reason kids join and participate in robotics; kids join to have fun and make friends. Fun and relationships are at the core of robotics, especially at Randall. After consistently meeting and hanging out with 10 plus other students, constructing a robot with them, and even going on day-long field trips with them, one can see how true bonds are formed. These bonds allow the team to excel and work together beautifully. Robotics is a true beacon of friendship, hard work, and achievement.

To be part of this excellent team, all one has to do is visit and ask Mrs. Srygley or Mr. Warner in rooms 105 and 107 respectively. Great opportunities await.