Choir and Band Students Compete In Area With Some Advancing To All-State

This past weekend, the band and choir students competed at Area for the chance to make All-State. In the winter, competitions focus less on the group as a whole, and more on the talents of each individual. All competing students first audition for the All-Region band/choir, some of whom place high enough to audition for Area, and the top players get the opportunity to audition for the All-State Band in San Antonio.

All-State Choir qualifiers are:

Kaitlyn O’Donnell, Soprano 1, 5th chair 

Michal Black, Alto 1, 6th chair 

Aidan Gilbert, Tenor 1, 5th chair 

Brilon Lichtie, Tenor 2 1st chair

All of which competing in the large-school competition division.


All-State Band qualifiers are:

Seidel Denning, Trumpet (5A)                    

Niki Borron, Bassoon (5A)

  Natalie Cruz, Contrabass Clarinet (4A) 

Allyssa Schulz, Trumpet (4A)  

Caleb O’Donnell, Euphonium (4A)

All making 1st chair.