Yearbook Distribution: Students To Receive Books This Week


Yearbooks will be distributed to those who preordered them beginning Wednesday.

The yearbook staff will deliver the books to classrooms throughout the day. Those who do not receive their book Wednesday morning should not panic.

“We have a lot of books to deliver so it will take time to get them all distributed,” yearbook adviser Amy Neese said. “We hope to have most of the yearbooks delivered by the end of the school day on Wednesday, but we will continue delivering throughout the week and next week to students who are absent or purchase their book late.”

The yearbook staff encourages students to write their name inside their book when they receive it and to not to leave it unattended.

“Every year, books turn up lost or stolen,” Neese said. “We are saddened when this happens, but we cannot replace them. Once we deliver a book, it is up to the student to keep it safe.”

This year’s book, led by senior editors Alannah Comerford, Ainsley Osborne, Adrianna Ybarra and Ava Jones, is 240 full-color pages, titled “Raiders of RHS.” The yearbook staff was inspired by ‘Humans of New York,’ a popular photoblog and book featuring portraits and stories about the citizens of New York.

“The staff wanted to adopt the same concept,” Neese said. “They wanted to tell personal stories about the Raiders on campus so they interviewed hundreds of them then included portraits and profile stories on every single page of the book. Completing these profiles took a lot of time, so English teachers James Godwin and Renee Sprinkle helped by asking their students write some of the stories.”

What some people don’t realize is the yearbook is a student-produced publication- meaning it is created by student writers, photographers and editors who are enrolled in the yearbook class and earn an elective credit by creating the book. These students only have seven months to plan, design, create, proof, publish, sell and distribute the book.

The yearbook is the product of a learning experience. It is part of a class. The only difference is we are compiling student work, publishing it and giving others the option to purchase it.

— Yearbook Adviser Amy Neese

“On average, it takes between nine months to two years for a professional book to be completed and hit the shelves,” Neese said. “Our students, who have no professional training, are doing it in seven months. People need to understand that the yearbook is the product of a learning experience. It’s part of a class. The only difference is we are compiling student work, publishing it and giving others the opportunity to purchase it. Just like in any class, every student isn’t going to make a 100 on every assignment, 100 percent of the time. For this reason, there are no perfect yearbooks, ever. Every page is proofed by multiple people, but still mistakes slip through.”

The Randall yearbook is a state and national award winning publication, earning top awards from Columbia Scholastic Press Association, National Scholastic Press Association and UIL’s Interscholastic League Press Conference.

“The yearbook staff is excited to present this book to the Randall community,” Neese said. “They have put in countless hours and I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished.”