Well-balanced diets are a necessity even for teenagers

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There are many factors that determine how healthy a person is. As mentioned in previous posts, eating the right food is one of the most significant ones.  That doesn’t mean eating 100% vegetables is the way to get fit. Instead, combining the right amount of fruits and vegetables, grains, and dairy is the key.  Most people learned this concept in Elementary School. They are given pictures of the food pyramid, and taught how to eat a well-balanced diet.

The term “well-balanced diet” eliminates any doubt about ‘if you should eat that last slice of cake.’ In other words, a good balance means eating more of what’s good for you, and less of what’ll make you fat. The greater portion of a healthy diet is grains, and then fruits and vegetables. A smaller portion of a nutritious diet is dairy and meat. Fats, oils, and sweets sit on top of the food pyramid, and are good for you in the smallest portions. The tiny, triangular hat that caps all the other food groups is the catch to eating healthy. Fats, oils, and sweets keep America waddling, and the obesity rate increasing.

It’s always a good idea to keep the food pyramid in mind throughout the day. If you had a banana and a bagel for breakfast, you should be thinking about what you lack. Challenge yourself to include all the food groups in the right proportions for a week. Eating wholesome food will make you more energetic and lively!

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