Amarillo voters to decide on multimillion dollar recreational complex

Amarillo voters to decide on multimillion dollar recreational complex

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Amarillo voters will go the polls Nov. 5 to decide if a new multimillion dollar recreation complex called the ARC (Amarillo Recreational Complex) will be built.

If approved, the $37 million complex, which will include an indoor aquatic center and other sports facilities, will be built on South Grand Street next to Rick Klein Baseball Complex.

ARC supporters claim the complex will benefit people of all ages in the community. In addition to the aquatic center, the complex would add more softball and baseball fields, multi-use fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and hiking and biking trails.

Supporters say the complex will give Amarillo the ability to host a variety of tournaments that will help bring money into the community through the use of hotel rooms and restaurants.

Swimming enthusiasts are excited about the possibility of an aquatics center. It would give high school swimmers, club teams and triathlete groups a place to compete competitively. The center would also house in-water physical therapy classes.

If the ARC receives enough votes Nov. 5, the complex will be partially paid for by Amarillo homeowners. The center would increase property taxes by 2.5 cents, which means a person who owns a home with a tax value of $100,000 would pay an additional $25 per year. However, property taxes for seniors would not increase.  A group of about 12 agencies including Kids Inc., Panhandle Aquatics, and Amarillo National Bank are also raising funds to help offset the cost of the complex.