Don’t do it for the Vine

They have seven seconds. Their hearts race as the camera begins to roll. These seven seconds is a product of  their hours and days, weeks and months of preparation. They have seven seconds to attempt to satisfy over a billion people on the World Wide Web. Seven seconds, commonly known as a Vine.

It’s crazy what some people will do to get noticed. People will run up behind someone and slap them with a hand full of shaving cream, go to a local McDonald’s drive thru to order and smear an ice cream cone on themselves, have grandparents and young children say “hilarious” things and much more. It is all for the slim possibility of becoming an internet sensation.

I’ve seen some awesome Vines within the past year or so,  from people showing off their talents to the most embarrassing things you could think of. I have to wonder though, what is the most dangerous Vine? Could there be something more risky than sliding off a roof onto a trampoline, doing a back flip, and landing back on the building? Of course there can be and of course there is. My goal was to find the craziest most painful Vine video on the internet, and to figure out why someone would do something as insane as whatever the video withheld.

After a few weeks of searching, I finally found what I believe sums up how Vines aren’t always worth the consequences.

In this Vine, someone attempts to jump on and run across a moving car; however, he doesn’t jump quick enough and the car rams into his shins causing him to lose balance and crash over top of the moving vehicle and onto the ground below. A few moments later we see him, with paramedics behind, giving everyone a smart piece of advice, don’t do it for the Vine.