Eagle leaves the nest


Starting a new school can be hard, especially when you transfer from your new schools’ rival.

Yes, I am a former Canyon Eagle.

Having already made friends at Canyon High, it has been hard for me to find my ‘group’ here at Randall. Although I find people to be nicer at Randall, it has still been hard for me to transition from school to school.

I made the decision to transfer this summer from Canyon High. With this decision, I left my best friend, Sarah, behind at Canyon. Needless to say, she was not very happy with my decision. Even though she did not want me to transfer, she told me she would support me through thick and thin, no matter what happened. I myself have had trouble supporting myself, but I know I will learn to love Randall High School.

The first day of school was stressful and exciting. Although I am a junior, I felt like a freshman walking through the halls, trying to find all of my classes and speed-walking in hopes of not being late. The few people I know would always stop and ask me to see if I was alright, which made me feel better about my first day. On the second day, however, some kid took my water bottle out of my backpack and ran.

With my mom working at Westover Park Junior High, that made me feel a lot better about coming to school. She is now only a five minute drive away, rather than the twenty minute drive it took from Canyon High. I am also closer to my dad, who works at Golden Spread Electric Coop. My little sister, Brecklyn, is a seventh grader at Canyon Junior High (Yes, we are now rivals. Go Raiders!). I also have an older brother, Brighton, who is a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma. Brighton is majoring in aviation to become a pilot.

After attending Randall for only a week, I can say that I like Randall more than Canyon. I do not dislike any of my teachers, every student has been nice to me (with one exception-the water bottle thief), but most of all I have felt welcomed and accepted into Randall High School.