Glow, Fight, Win: Football team to play last home game Friday

Alex Ruiz, Staff Writer

This Friday will be the last home football game for the district season, and the Raiders will compete against Amarillo High in the infamous Battle of Bell street game at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium. To kick off the anticipated game, Randall will host the last fall pep rally of the year at 3 PM in the west gymnasium. The theme of the upcoming pep rally is ¨Blackout,” and students are encouraged to participate by wearing bright neon attire, white clothing, or anything that glows in the dark including glow sticks and paint. The purpose of the pep rally is to create the illusion of glow in the dark, and there is set to be black-lights in place to amplify that effect. The pep rally is expected to get more students involved and hopefully encourage more school spirit at the game on Friday.