Tardies Leading Cause of ISS


Fatimah Dixon, Staff Writer

Students can wind up in ISS for a variety of reasons–fighting, skipping, etc, but the most common is for tardies.

According to the office attendants in the West, the most tardies are given during 1st, 2nd, and 6th period. However, this is not because of the traffic anymore, but because students oversleep and underestimate the time it takes to get to school. So, by the end of the day, the attendants will have given out almost 30 tardy slips to students.

Call it senioritis or another crippling illness that seniors claim to be the cause of their decline in motivation, the office attendants can say with finality that seniors are the leading offenders for receiving tardies.

Yet, compared to other schools, Randall´s policy on tardies is a bit lax. According to the office attendants, Randall is the only high school in Canyon ISD that still gives out free tardies. Students who are late at Canyon, for example, automatically receive Friday School. Here, students will only receive Friday School for their 8th-10th tardy; any subsequent tardies will result in ISS.                

While getting to school is difficult for many students, it should still be treated as a priority because education is important (and if not for the education, then to help reduce the amount of tardies the office attendants have to give out, because having to explain to moody teenagers that they now have to go to Friday School or ISS for having too many tardies is enough to make anyone stressed).