Santa´s Little Helpers: Working Retail During the Holidays


Alex Ruiz , Staff Writer

The Holiday season is right around the corner, and while that means children everywhere will wake up early nearly busting out of their skin with excitement for mounds of the newest knick knacks, it also means many teens will be working countless hours at a seasonal retail job.

Retail jobs consist of various tasks depending on what store you work for, and the requirements vary as well. An associate is expected to have outstanding customer service, meet certain sales goals, and demonstrate product knowledge. Managers look for associates that represent themselves as well as the brand with a great deal of respect and have no trouble talking to customers.

The holiday season is a fast paced time for all retailers, and workers are expected to perform a number of functions in order to assure every customer has a memorable shopping experience. Retailers begin hiring new employees around the first of October, and typically keep them around until the beginning of the new year. Although a seasonal job is one that comes around twice a year, many managers decide to keep those hired throughout the regular work year, and they typically give extra bonuses and gift cards to those who work through the holidays. Employees will also receive the discounts the store offers during the time they work.

To apply for a seasonal retail job you can stop by any retail store, and ask for an application. The minimum age requirement to apply for most mall jobs is 16 years old, with the exception of departments store that require employees to be 18. The best way to ensure you get hired is to stop by the store you are applying to and introduce yourself to the managers.

My personal experience with working a retail job has been nothing but exceptional. Although, I have not worked during Black Friday or Christmas, I worked Tax Free weekend, and that is comparable to the holiday season with the amount of shoppers. I would highly recommend working a part-time seasonal retail job because working retail has given me numerous opportunities to socialize, network, and just simply meet new people. There is something new at work everyday, and there is never a dull moment. If you are looking for an easy, carefree job, working retail might be the job for you.