The Death of the Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review

Hanna Edwards, Staff Writer

The most recent installment of The Maze Runner series has finally be released for eager eyes to see. The newest and what is to be believed last edition of the trilogy begins with the escaped Gladers and highly exaggerated acting and effects. The whole movie is very task-oriented and focused on the goal more than anything. Which leads to the side plots being either totally ignored or just that, an annoying side plot. What is the goal the gang is so intensely focused on? Putting a stop to the corrupt corporation WICKED and their inhumane trials against the Flare disease, which turns those infected into these zombie-like creeps called “Cranks.”

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his group run out of the Maze that had been holding people captive in one of WICKED’s tests in the first movie, and run away from the WICKED in the second one- they basically just want to get out alive while doing as much damage to the “evil higher class power” as possible. That’s a good plot right there even if not complex or thought out, but can it be done with a little less running? The Gladers just have to be worn out by now. Also WICKED seems a little obvious as the bad guy in this whole thing because if they wanted to come off as good like they tried to, maybe a less obvious name would have been a better choice.

The Death Cure begins on a train rescue of a member of the Gladers with enough zombies (cranks) to rival The Walking Dead. This is a very exciting scene that gets the watcher that could know nothing about the series pumped up and ready for Thomas to succeed. Yet surprise surprise, they use a cargo car and a plane to do this, no running! Another surprise, they fail which means they must track the member to the headquarters of WICKED to save them and the serum for the Flare.

It’s basically just a giant rescue mission packed into two hours and twenty-two minutes. The movie may not be very thoughtful, but it is a thrill to see if you like that, and I highly recommend it.