Color Guard not just for Marching Band


Maci Weathers, Staff Writer

The Color guard team becomes the Winter guard team after marching band students hang up their uniforms for the season.Unlike traditional Color Guard, Winter Guard is done indoors in a gymnasium. Their performances are to recorded music, not to a live band like Color guard. Winter Guard uses flags, wooden rifles, and sabers which look like swords. They also use props just like the marching band does during their season.

This year, Randall will have its first Winter Guard separated from Canyon High School. The show this year is called “Rain.” The music will be like a thunderstorm, starting out soft and light, then getting heavier with thunder and then to sunshine. However, they will be using just flags and rifles. There will also be feature soloists, junior Jacklyn Vaughn, sophomore Alexis Ogeda, and seniors Fallon Platt and Amanda Christopher. On Saturday, they preformed at Frenship High School in Wolfforth, and placed third out of 8 teams.