Music You Dance To Depends On Your Friends

Softly it enters the heart, embedding itself into the soul. It brings plentiful amounts of emotion with it either good or ugly. The further it goes, the more it becomes of someone’s life. Music is an addiction no one wants to get rid of.

For as long as some students can remember they’ve listened to the music that their parents would listen to, but for some students their friends are there highest ranking on music respect. If their friends say its a good song ,they will look into it for their own opinion of it.

“My parent’s taste in music is completely different than my friends,” junior Triston Stafford said. “My mom likes older music while my friends focus on newer techno music. I like some of the newer songs but I like the oldies better. It brings me back to my childhood a lot easier then what my friends are listening to.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


According to, your default mode network (DMN) makes the connection of a song or genre you like while the task-positive network (TPN), which is involved with goal-oriented activities in the outside world, is shut down allowing you to enjoy the music your listening to.

“Several of the rock bands I listen to are the same as my friends,” Stafford said. “I’ve really stuck to rock.”

Stafford said his closest friend, senior Austin Chambers, is the first person of choice he would sit down with to listen to music.