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STAAR Test Dates, Times and Tips

Hanna Edwards, Staff Writer

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Students and teachers are gearing up for STARR testing.

Testing Dates and Times: 

  • April 10th 2018 English 1- 8:15 am
  • April 12th 2018 English 2- 8:15 am
  • May 8th 2018 Algebra 1- 8:15 am
  • May 9th 2018 Biology- 8:15 am
  • May 10th 2018 US history- 8:15 am

Students who are not testing on these dates will not report to class until 1:12 p.m. However, buses will run on the same schedule these days. Students who arrive to school before they are required will report to study hall until class resumes.

Testing Tips:

Study and ask questions- Don’t just read through notes. Instead, keep everything tidy and focus on what the teacher was telling you about them. If you don’t understand something, ask a teacher about it. It’s their job to help you prepare for this test, and you won’t be a burden by asking for some tutoring.

Don’t stress-  Stressing will make you second guess yourself and make the test harder than it needs to be. The week of testing, relaxing and keeping a positive idea about passing will definitely help keep your head straight.

Eat healthy and get a good night’s sleep- Self-care is vital to getting anything done, and if you take care of yourself the results will prove it.

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STAAR Test Dates, Times and Tips