Administration Adjusts Dress Code Policy To Apply To Today’s Fashion


Lauren Tice, Staff Writer

Either the shirt is too short or the shorts are not long enough, all the talk is about the updates that have been made to the dress code. 

Every year there is always a problem with dress code, whether it comes from the students or the teachers. Assistant Principal Rachel Harris said in the past, students wearing leggings and hats inside building were the biggest issue.

“There are different problems depending on the time of the year,” Harris said. “When it starts getting colder, the leggings become a problem, and in the spring the mini skirts and shorts.¨

The student handbook for CISD states what is acceptable and not acceptable to wear while students are at school and at school events. This includes how long the student’s shirt has to be with certain pants, and defines that shoulders must be covered unless layered with something that falls into dress code. 

“Nothing has changed within the dress code policy, but we have decided to become more relaxed due to today’s style/fashion,” Harris said.

The only thing that has been updated is that if leggings or any tight pants are worn, the shirt needs to be covering the back and front; ultimately students do not need to be causing a distraction. The holes in the jeans still need to be lower than the finger tips, or covered and not showing any skin.