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Dress Code Violations Should Not Result in ISS

Casey Stavenhagen, Staff Writer

March 20, 2018

Recently, students in violation of the dress code began receiving ISS. This was caused by the recurrence of violations when the punishment was more lenient, but the punishment is not what needs the reform, it is the policy. ...

Leggings not a threat to student focus

Rylee Sharp, Staff writer

May 6, 2013

The school dress code is obviously necessary to maintain a sense of order and authority in the school and to eliminate distractions in the classroom. Some dress code rules, however, are arbitrary and ridiculous, specifically the...

Students, teachers clash over dress code regulations

Alexis Russell, staff writer

October 3, 2011

Every day is a battle between the dress code conscious teachers and the students that are more ‘creative’ in their clothing choices. Whether shorts are ‘too short’ or pants are ‘too saggy’, adolescents constantly fight...

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