District takes weather precations too lightly

The cold wind blows off the fallen snow and sends chills through a student’s body. Feeling stressed and frost bitten, she frantically scrapes snow and thick ice off of her car that has been exposed to the snow blizzard throughout the night. Slipping and sliding, she gets into her car. Inside feels just as cold as the atmosphere outside. She wipes her running nose and begins her trip to school. While her friends from different schools are snuggled warm in their beds, she is venturing out onto the frozen, slippery, dangerous roads to go to school.

                On snowy days, while other schools are delayed or cancelled, Canyon ISD constantly continues to have school. In fact, the district has become popularly known for their lack of cancellations due to snow. The school board should consider the trouble, discomfort and danger students, parents and teachers are put in on days with bad weather.

                The most important effect of the decision to have school on snowy days is that fact that all drivers put their lives in danger by driving. When the weather becomes bad, professional weathermen and women advise the public to stay off the roads. However, by not cancelling school, students and parents are essentially forced to get out on the roads. Days are set aside during the spring season to make up for days like this. Why not make use of them?

                With the stress of making it to school safely and on time weighing students down, it is often hard to focus and do well during the school day. For students who don’t make it to school on time, or those who can’t make it at all, the risk of getting behind in class is often overwhelming, adding more stress to students. Instead of frantically trying to get to school and stressing out, it makes more sense to just make-up school days on a pretty spring day, when weather conditions are more suitable.

                For high school students and teachers here at Randall, everyone dreads making the walk between buildings a countless number of times each day. Walking through the freezing snow causes even more dread and dismay for all. Students would have a much easier time transitioning between classes on a make-up day in the spring.

                Snowy days pose danger and discomfort for students, teachers and parents. If the school board would deeply consider the weather conditions and the trouble they are accompanied with, many of these problems could be avoided. The school board should be more lenient when it comes to postponing school on snowy days in order to reduce stress and frustration on individuals