PRCA fails to recognize women

From Colorado to Nevada, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association sanctions rodeo circuits all over North America. From team roping to saddle bronc riding, up to eight events are available to cowboys from all over. Competitors may advance in preferred events all the way to the Wrangler National Finals. This gives a great opportunity to win money, achieve fame and compete against the best of the best. However, female roles in PRCA rodeos are almost nonexistent. Cowgirls who compete in anything but barrel racing are not welcome to perform in their event at the professional level.

                Not allowing girls to compete in all rodeo events is unfair. The PRCA should host more female events, therefore incorporating women into professional rodeo.

                Although females are not expected to compete in events such as bull riding or steer wrestling, more and more girls are beginning to team rope and break away rope. For female ropers, not being allowed to compete at the professional level is discouraging. This causes a loss in motivation, as women have no chance to compete professionally.

                Not only does not hosting female events discourage women, but it is unethical. Women are allowed to play softball, basketball and golf, sports that started out as men events. Girls should be involved in rodeo too, as more than just a concession stand worker.

                Further incorporating women into professional rodeo would not only be the right thing to do, but it could also expand the rodeo circuit. Allowing more competition and events would expand interest and involvement nationwide. Women events would benefit rodeo as a whole.

                Not hosting all female events is unethical and unfair towards women. Hosting these events could further expand rodeo and benefit women ropers. The PRCA should consider hosting more events such as women’s break away roping and allow women to compete in team roping, thus expanding the sport of rodeo to both sexes.