Teachers assign intriguing classics

In high school, kids are faced with a more difficult curriculum. They are introduced to superior maths, and histories. The biggest advancement for high school students is the transition from each year of English to the next. They are expected to understand thousands of grammar rules, not to mention reading old English and other classic books. These assignments are usually regarded as torture.

            While students see classic books as tedious and slow-moving, they are actually a great chance to comprehend literature.

            This year, sophomores are required to read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. This book makes students familiar with old English writing, as well as common events in the French Revolution. By reading this classic, sophomores will learn how to appreciate their own circumstances, as opposed to the life of those who lived during the 18th century.

            Many high school students are obligated to read Jane Austen’s works. Her most common masterpiece is Pride and Prejudice. This story portrays a poor 19th century family, the Bennets, that are determined to find suitable matches for each of their five daughters. Students can comprehend the importance of money in their society, especially in a family desiring to find a higher rank.

            A less romantic novel, read by English students, is Lord of the Flies by William Golding.  This novel explains the obstacles faced by several boys that are stranded on an island. The boys not only have the obvious problem of surviving the wild, but they are also struggling to keep peace amongst themselves.

            Though many high school students think classic novels are a waste of time, the stories are educational and interesting. Embarking on a classic adventure is important because it entices people out of contemporary times.  

            It is healthy for students to read classics for their English courses. Instead of dragging their feet as if it was a horrid assignment, every pupil should consider it a bright opportunity to read world renowned stories.