Why parents should be involved in their children’s lives

In today’s society, children of all ages are becoming more and more independent, and they do not want their parents to interfere with their lives. Many kids refuse to let their parents have anything to do with their decisions and choices, which removes the possibility for a good example to be set in their lives. This will have a negative effect on the child’s life.

            Parents need to make it a point to be involved in their children’s lives and help their children make the right decisions.

            A parent should be involved in their child’s life because they can help him or her make the right decisions. If a child does not have a parent in their life to guide them to make the correct decision, they will with no doubt make the wrong decision. This wrong decision could only hold minor consequences, or it could be the difference between life and death for them. No parent wants this for their young, and although they might not realize it yet, no child wants this for their life. A parent is essential to shape a kid’s good judgment.

            A parent is also essential to help and encourage a child to do well in school. Without a parental figure in their life, a child will not be encouraged to do well or put effort into their work, so they will not know any better and they will slack off. This will affect their future, and they will be less likely to be successful in their life. Without a parent’s involvement, kids will not succeed in school because they will not have their parent’s prior knowledge and wisdom to help them with their schoolwork. If this pattern continues, education rates will drop, and eventually long-term problems will rise in our society.

            Parents also play a huge part in helping their children with emotional problems. Being a teenager comes with many emotional issues, even if you try to control them. A parent is the one person a child can talk to and relate to without any fear. If they do not have that parent that they can relate to and talk to, they will end up holding all their emotions inside, and it could lead to bad things, such as suicide. A child, especially a teenager, needs a parent to be able to open up to. This will improve their life in huge ways. These are only a few of the many reasons parents need to care about and be involved with their children.

            Parents who believe that staying out of their child’s life is the better thing to do have no idea of the kind of damage they are doing. If a parent does not play a part in their child’s life, the child is not likely to have a successful life. He or she will most likely live a miserable life, not knowing what is right from wrong, and not having anyone to talk to or relate to. They might not have a good education, which could ruin their life and their potential. Although they may not realize it, this is the kind of damage a parent can do by not being involved.  

            Parents should be involved in their child’s life; there is no other logical option. Parents need to work out times during their day so they can spend more time with their children. Even if the parent has a busy day, there is no reason they could not spend a portion of their time with their child. Parents need to take action and get involved in their children’s lives. No parent wants to see their child end up a miserable, hopeless adult. Parents need to get their priorities set straight, and get involved in their child’s life, one step at a time.