People depend on advancement

Breanna Bassett

Breanna Bassett

The world’s technology has begun to grow exponentially. It was only 32 years ago that the IBM introduced the world to the first PC. Now, technology is used every day, every hour, every minute. Technology corporations are booming with interest. New ideas are brought to life and innovations are made to make life easier and simpler.

However, are these developments really making life better for the human race?

A phrase is occasionally mentioned when speaking about the way of life several decades ago. People say those were “simpler times.” Today’s gadgets are so new that the older adults can’t navigate them.  Parents are forced to ask their children for help to complete even the simplest of tasks.

When people can manage their technology, hours upon hours are spent wasted on entertainment or social media. This is time that could be spent doing something productive. It’s not hard to find an activity that’s more beneficial than staring at a screen.

Computers, cars, and cell phones may make things easier when they’re working, but these contraptions aren’t exactly reliable. Technology nearly always has an expiration date, and it’s never printed on the label. People get extremely frustrated when they can’t get to work on time because their car has a flat, or they accidently wash their cell phone.

Technology is exciting to see when it first comes out, and it’s inevitable to want the state-of-the-art creations. However, people never consider the disadvantages that come with it. Air pollution and health hazards are both effects of the advancement in technology. The tremendously destructive atomic bomb has given far too much power in the hands of man and is a crime to nature.

Simply ending the development of technology is not an option. However, the population needs to be aware of how much we all depend on it. Humanity is forgetting how to think for themselves. Relying on computers or fancy cars is unhealthy; these machines will never be as advanced as the human mind.