Randall lacks athletic options

Other schools offer interesting sports

Randall lacks athletic options

Athletic students have a choice of participating in 12 different sports at Randall. These include the average, run-of-the-mill American sports such as football and volleyball. Numerous other schools offer more options, allowing students to be more involved outside of academics.

Randall should consider offering additional athletic opportunities.

5A schools are more likely to have diverse sports such as archery, Frisbee, water polo, and swim team. However, these possibilities are not restricted to Randall. Nobody is keeping us from creating our own lacrosse team, or firing up an unstoppable rugby team.

Schools with plenty of activities are simply well-rounded. Not only does the school itself have a greater chance to be spectacular, but individual students can participate in multiple sports. As a student body, each could be more accomplished.

Sports encourage students to be more outgoing, and help them learn to work together. Everybody should be involved with a sport at one point in their life, even if it’s just to figure out why our society likes it so much. Students that are interested in activities such as ping-pong or fencing don’t have the opportunity at Randall to show their aptitudes.

It may seem like students lack interest for uncommon sports, but several students would be willing to try something new. Everybody would be starting fresh, and everybody involved would learn to build up their strategies. In years to come, teams could become more advanced with the instruction of past players.