Vandals strike Tascosa, Amarillo High, Randall students suspected


Property on campuses of Amarillo High and Tascosa high schools were vandalized over the Labor Day weekend. Black spray paint scrawled across both campuses’ spelling out the letters “RHS” were found when students returned to school Tuesday.

Not only is this prank an illegal activity, it reflects poorly on the student body as a whole. Since the culprit has chosen not to identify him/herself, the students at these other schools, along with others around the community will look down upon Randall as a place full of classless delinquents.

There are other ways of expressing school pride that do not involve illegal and destructive activities. School spirit is fine, and rivalry healthy, but when it escalates to serious acts that are punishable by law, it becomes an issue for more than just the disputing students. The only way to boost school spirit in the surrounding community is to begin while in school. Start by showing some pride at pep rallies, games and other school-sponsored events. If school spirit is not expressed at school, it will not be shown in the community. It all begins here.