More Foreign Language Options, Please


Rebekah Williams, Staff Writer

Whether a student is walking down the Spanish hallway with mariachi sombreros hanging on doors and flags hanging on the walls or down the ASL hallway with deaf signs hanging in classrooms, one can’t help but to wonder, where’s the rest?

Randall has many things to be proud of such as the band, the sports teams, the UIL teams, but there are also many to improve on. One thing on the list is foreign language options. Students have an option of Spanish or ASL. More options provided would allow students to have a wider variety of what they get to take in high school, instead of what they have to take.

Not only do students get a choice, but they also get to experience a wider variety of culture in school. Because different foreign language classes bring cultures from around the world, our school might be more interested in a culture from across the globe.

Students thrive off of the excitement a class brings. Imagine the livelihood Randall could have if teachers organized a trip to France for a French class or Germany for a German class. Bringing in new adventures to school would encourage student participation and enthusiasm about their classes.

Foreign language classes may be an elective students have to take, but with a wider variety of options, excitement to go to class would replace the dread.