People Who Overuse Technology Result In Being Alone


Sydney Ruiz

Sophomore, Sara Ward

Technology is supposed to make us feel more connected. However, people are now saying it makes us more alone and less involved.

Technology and everything that comes with it, has made a huge impact on human beings. It is a big reason why people nowadays are antisocial, and more alone-whether it be at schools, or work or even at other events.

Missing out on Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family is a big letdown. Kids or people who are sucked into their phones miss out on all the fun that occurs during these times. Kids are mostly in their rooms watching YouTube or Snapchat. They hardly say anything to the family that comes miles and miles to visit, they might not even say “Hi.”

Education is now an inconvenience to those who continue to have their face in their phones, or computers. Students would rather have headphones in, not talking to anybody else, than to do a fun partner activity in their favorite class.

Education is now an inconvenience to those who continue to have their face in their phones, or computers.”

— Sydney Ruiz, Junior

Kids and even adults are obsessed with keeping everything through photographs and videos. This defeats the whole purpose of those precious moments people are supposed to be living in, oppose to documenting. Technology prevents people from enjoying real life, and puts people in a position to just coast through it.

Technology is meant to connect us, but it only increases the chances of kids and adults being socially awkward and less aware of their surroundings. People should not completely isolate themselves from the world, it’s almost unhealthy.

People should consider alternatives, such as setting boundaries for themselves, putting time limits for their children, enforcing kids to interact with one another face to face. People need to be better at communicating with their voices, and not just with their thumbs.