Culture Of Online Shaming Is Out Of Control


Miya Harris

Culture of online shaming is out of control.

According to The Learning Network, many people, mainly teens and children, are ignorant of the fact that what they say or do online can be tracked. Generally, people feel safe behind their screens and because of this false sense of security, they proceed to commit actions they wouldn’t do in real life.

Online shaming in our culture is out of control. 66 percent of adult Internet users say they have witnessed online harassment and 67 percent of adult Internet users under the age of 30 have personally experienced it. People who harass others online can be dangerous, as the effects of being a victim of cyber bullying can be long term or permanent.

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I know what (being a victim of cyber bullying) feels like because I have been shamed online before. It is hard to deal with, especially since the internet is so popular, and material posted online can get around to anywhere and anybody.

The culture of online shaming is out of hand. I don’t see the need to bash someone online for their actions. If people want to do something then let them, especially if it doesn’t hurt you. We should have to go back to kindergarten and re-learn “treat people how you want to be treated,” because everyone is so mean and quick to judge everyone else. People who do the online shaming wouldn’t like it if the tables were turned and they were the recipient of the online abuse.