Love At First Sight Isn’t Possible

The movies make “love at first sight” seem possible; a beautiful girl randomly bumps into a gorgeous guy, they fall instantly in love and walla… they ride into the sunset to live happily ever after. So, does love at first sight really exist?

Unless you live in a Lifetime movie, stop holding your breath; it’s not going to happen.

Love at first sight is merely an unrealistic, Hollywood glamorized illusion.

Love isn’t about looks. It’s not possible to instantly fall in love with someone when you don’t even know their first name. Falling in love includes getting to know the person, rather than just liking their physical appearance. Being funny or intelligent cannot be seen by external appearances. Looks come and go. Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right should involve deeper knowledge of a person’s true characteristics.

All Princess’ and Prince Charmings have flaws.  Another reason why love at first sight isn’t possible is because people tend to make assumptions based on outward appearance. He’s dressed nice so he must have his life together. She’s beautiful so she’d probably make the perfect girlfriend. Putting people in a stereotypical box will only put you on a fast track to a huge let down.  

Falling in love with a person includes getting to know the person, rather than liking their physical appearance.”

— Eleeyah Chavez, Freshman

According to Psychology Today, attractive people are more likely to fall subject to love at first sight. In a society where the divorce rate is climbing, and you swipe left or right on Tender, people need to start thinking about what is and is not working when it comes to relationships. One has to wonder if believing in “love at first sight” fairy tales and placing too much emphasis on physical appearance is partially to blame.