Loud Exhaust and the Problems They Cause


According to Texas Law, a car is required to have a muffler working in good condition so that there is no extra or unusual noise and the exhaust is to only be emitted from the back, sides, or top of the vehicle. There are many people out there who purposely tend to break this law.

Though having your car be really loud may sound cool to some people, others can find it to be really obnoxious and annoying. These exhaust laws should be followed more closely and should be more enforced.

These exhaust laws should be followed more closely and should be more enforced.”

— Trenton George

People seem to get most annoyed at cars with loud exhaust when it comes to bed time. Sometimes people want to sleep at night but can’t do that if there is a loud car driving down their street every 15 minutes, especially if they live by a busy road. Getting rid of loud cars could help people sleep better at night.

Loud cars or trucks can be a distraction to you when you’re in the middle of thinking of something or when you’re talking to a friend. There’s nothing you can do but wait for the extremely loud vehicle to pass on by so you can continue the conversation.

Some people might have hearing problems or other types of disabilities that could be aggravated very easily by a loud exhaust system from a car. This could cause people pain and the driver of the noisy vehicle wouldn’t even know it. The driver would be too focused on seeing if their car sounded cool or not.

The main issue is that the drivers of loud vehicles know that they are being an inconvenience but still refuse to change it. People do these modifications to their vehicles just to get attention, whether it is negative or positive. They should leave their exhaust system the way it is and focus on other modifications, such as performance upgrades.

Getting a loud exhaust system on your car is a choice. People need to be more considerate whenever they make the decision to have a loud vehicle. The exhaust laws as far as having a working muffler on your car needs to be obeyed and needs to be more strictly enforced on the people who don’t follow it. Law enforcement needs to be more attentive to ridiculously loud cars so that less people will have to deal with the inconveniences that they cause to others.