There’s No Better Time Than Now To Take Time for Yourself


Amongst our busy schedules, we forget to take time to slow down and assess how we are doing mentally and physically. We are by far the most stressed and busy creatures on planet Earth and we don’t even have to worry about being eaten (most of the time. Location matters here).

Stress has many negative effects on our mental and physical health. It’s actually proven to lessen our lifespan by a few years depending on how bad it is. Stress can cause many problems such as eating disorders and depression. We, as humans, need to slow down and take some deep breaths and calm down. We need to get back in touch with what is important, ourselves.

Take this time during COVID-19 to reconnect with your mind and soul as well as the people around you such as friends and family. I mean, we can’t really do anything else with our lives right at the moment. Build a stronger relationship with your significant other (yes I realize I sound like an old person but it’s just a general term). With all of the shows I’ve watched that most people wouldn’t think someone like me would watch such as Girl Meets World, I have learned that “People need people” to survive. With our busy schedules, we seem to have forgotten that. So while we are under quarantine, take time to go exercise or socialize with your family at home. Get some fresh air and just find yourself again.

I know life can break us down sometimes. I know life can be relentless in its advances on our stressful lives. So just stay strong and take this time to build yourself back up. We can take on the world. and Half an Orange